Thursday, 13 June 2013

I have a blog now. Blogs are cool.

Well, actually this is just a continuation of my blog that used to be on myspace. But myspace has died and become worm food, so I thought I ought to have a proper standalone blog site. So here it is!
So what can I expect from this blog I hear you ask?
Transport is my main interest, but I will be posting a few political stories from time to time.
Things I will be posting about:

  • Sustainable Transport
  • Railways (I am a member of Railfuture and firmly support the development of the railways in the UK)
  • Shipping
  • Politics 
I'm off on a trip on the "Forth Circle" railtour this weekend, and I'm going to the Railfuture conference in Taunton next weekend, so there should be lots to talk about in the coming weeks.

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