Wednesday, 22 April 2015

General election 2015

So the general election is just around the corner, so I decided to summarise the transport-related manifesto proposals from all the main parties.


  • £38billion investment int he railway network.
  • Commitment to HS2 and HS3. 
  • Electrify Great Western main line and Midland main line. 
  • Crossrail 2
  • £200 million "to make cycling safer" (cycling infrastructure?)
  • Many road improvements, including dualling the A1 north of Newcastle.
"We will continue to support the construction of High Speed Two, but keep costs down, and take action to improve and expand rail links across the North to boost its regional economies. We will support long-term investment in strategic roads, address the neglect of local roads, and promote cycling. Following the Davies Review, we will make a swift decision on expanding airport capacity in London and the South East, balancing the need for growth and the environmental impact."

Liberal Democrats:

  • Develop a comprehensive plan to electrify the overwhelming majority of the UK rail network, reopen smaller stations, restore twin-track lines to major routes and proceed with HS2, as the first stage of a high-speed rail network to Scotland.
  • Invest in major transport improvements and infrastructure. 
  • Transport for the North strategy to promote growth, innovation and prosperity across northern England.
  •  Develop more modern, resilient links to and within the South West peninsula to help develop and diversify the regional economy  
  • Complete East-West rail, connecting up Oxford and Cambridge and catalysing major new housing development.
  • Ensure London’s transport infrastructure is improved to withstand the pressure of population and economic growth. 
  • Work to encourage further private sector investment in rail freight terminals and rail-connected distribution parks. We will set a clear objective to shift more freight from road to rail and change planning law to ensure new developments provide good freight access to retail, manufacturing and warehouse facilities. 
  •  Opposed to any expansion of Heathrow, Stansted or Gatwick and any new airport in the Thames Estuary, because of local issues of air and noise pollution.  
  • Ensure new rail franchises include a stronger focus on customers, including requirements to integrate more effectively with other modes of transport and a programme of investment in new stations, lines and station facilities. 
  • Support a new generation of light rail and ultra-light rail schemes in towns and cities where local people want them. 

  • Connecting Scotland to HS2 as a priority, with construction beginning in Scotland as well as England, and a high speed connection between Glasgow, Edinburgh and the north of England as part of any high-speed rail network."
  • Pressing for a fair deal on fuel prices for rural areas
Scottish Green party:

  • Renationalise the railways
  • Scrap HS2
  • Campaign to re-open Manston airport to address the lack of airport capacity in the South East
  • Ensure speed cameras are used to improve road safety, not just to raise money.
  • End road tolls wherever possible
  • Oppose ‘pay-as-you-go’ road charging schemes 
  • Support British HGV drivers by charging foreign lorries extra to use our roads
  • Roll back the VED exemption for classic vehicles to 25 years.

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