Monday, 10 February 2014

An inland alternative to Dawlish sea wall route is needed urgently.

Last week, the Dawlish sea wall collapsed, cutting off the only railway line between England and Cornwall. This vital link is becoming more regularly broken due to extreme weather and an alternative route needs to be found soon. Campaigners are calling for the reinstatement of the former Southern Railway route via Okehampton. This will provide a diversionary route to the west and will also reconnect Okehampton to the national network, providing additional benefits. Okehampton is currently only served by the Dartmoor railway, which runs Eastward from Okehampton. Passenger trains only run in the summer. A reinstated line would continue south from Okehampton to rejoin the main line at Plymouth. An e-petition has been set up on the government e-petitions website to call on Government to make provision of opening a rail connection to Plymouth via Okehampton and Tavistock. The petition can be found here:

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