Monday, 10 March 2014

Action required to cut NOX emissions.

The EU says that levels of nitrogen dioxide, mainly from diesel engines, are "excessive" in many British cities and is going to take action against the UK, which may result in fines for Britain. NO2 levels are particularly high around London. Evidently something has to be done to cut air pollution in greater London. Congestion charging, railway improvements such as Crossrail and the mayor's initiatives to get more people cycling are already encouraging people out of their cars and onto more sustainable modes of transport, but new technology may soon reduce the number of polluting diesel engines in the city even further. Firstly, there are several railway electrification schemes about to start, in progress or proposed. These will include the "electric spine" electrification of the midland main line, the electrification of the great western main line, and the proposed electrification of the Gospel Oak-Barking suburban line. All these projects will eliminate a number of diesel trains from the capital. On the roads, the new bus for London (the so-called "Borismaster") is a diesel-electric hybrid that should burn less diesel than conventional buses, eliminating more NO2. London's famous black taxis have been diesel powered for decades, but now there's a proposal by Frazer-Nash for a hybrid petrol-electric Metrocab ( that will cut out even more NO2 emissions.

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